Shoes That Should Be in Every Girl’s Closet

Shoes primarily serve as protection for our feet. But for a girl, it also serves as an accessory to a nice outfit. With so many shoes available, many try to collect a lot. But before you go all out on another shoe sale, be sure you have the following kinds of shoes in your closet. These are shoe staples that would be great lifesavers on different occasions.


Chic black pumps – Like a little black dress being a staple in your closet, the classic black pumps can suit you well when you need to wear your corporate/business attire, your little black dress, a fab gown, or even your skinny jeans and fitted shirt. The Carissa Heels from H2O are classy!

black pumps from brand H20


Running shoes – Even if you’re not the sporty type, you can’t tell when you will suddenly become interested in signing up for a gym membership or go running with your hubby. These will also come in handy when you literally need to run some errands. Shubizz’s Antonia Sneakers in black and purple has nice form and function!

black and purple running shoes


Everyday flats – For a casual day out, a pair of flats can look nice and feel comfy, too. A simple design can be easily paired with various outfits; whether you’re in the mood for wearing a casual dress, skirt, or pants. Plus, you won’t have to worry about aching feet when you suddenly need to walk far. S&H has Ali ballet flats in blush (pink). It’s also available in camel (beige) shade.

pink flat shoes


Dressy flats – The dressy flats can be worn when you need to wear a chic dress and don’t want to wear heels. It can also be your alternative when you don’t want to wear heels when you put your corporate/business attire on. The grey Laarni Ballet Flats from Celine is comfy and gorgeous with its crisscross pattern and satin finish!

gray satin flats


Stylish rain boots – As we all know, the country experiences only two kinds of weather; sunny and rainy. The floods on some places can be intense so a nice pair of rain boots can save you. Also, it helps protect you from certain illnesses. The black Hetty Patent Boots also from Celine (available in pink as well) has rubber soles to help prevent slipping. The low wedge heels add a bit of oomph. Even when it’s not raining, you can wear it to sport your rocker/rock and roll outfit.

black patent boots


Beach Sandals – These sandals can also be worn on casual days even when you’re not on the beach. It goes well with shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses… just about anything! The Brazilea Daisy Flipflops look hot on the sand or on the city pavement.

flipflops sandals


Strappy Stilettos – Planning to paint the town red? Going on a date, maybe? Or just not feeling like wearing your posh black pumps? Then you should have a strappy number that you can definitely rock with a formal attire or casual outfit. Celine offers gorgeous beige Memorata Cury Heels!

beige bedazzled open-toe heels


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